Are you ready for MORE AWESOME in your workplace?

Learn how the foundational skills of improv applied to confrontation can help you:

  • Roll With Change

    Change is a natural part of growth - especially if you're in a field that survives on innovation! "Yes, And Confrontation" helps to reduce friction in seasons of transition.

  • Catalyze Collaboration

    Keeping the air clear removes obstacles to the creative headspace, and allows collaboration to happen more freely.

  • Cultivate More Peace

    Improv lays the foundation for confrontation that honors each team member- which is key for a safe, healthy and positive group dynamic.

Any of this sound like you?

  • You are passionate about the work you do, and you're ready to get creative in furthering the mission of your company/organization.

  • Your office is in a time of transition, and it's... stressful.

  • You stress more than you'd like to before giving feedback you fear may be difficult for someone to hear.

  • You wonder if your confrontation style is a bit hurtful or counterproductive. (No judgement! We all need grace for the journey.)

  • Your current approach to self advocacy is not getting the results or outcomes you'd like, and you'd love to have some new strategies.

  • You're currently procrastinating on a tough conversation, because you care a lot and you're simply at a loss for how to move forward productively.

  • Your place of work is AWESOME, and you know it could get even better with improved collaboration & communication.

Confrontation is a Teachable Skill!

YOU can get really good at advocating for yourself and what you care about.

What's Included:

Everything you need to start taking the collaboration, communication and group dynamic up a notch at your workplace (regardless of your role!).

  • 6 weeks of video classes in which you'll learn my tried and true processes for preparing for and handling confrontation in the workplace.

  • Activities & homework assignments to help you practice and build your skills between classes.

  • Audio-only content for commuters or multitaskers.

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This class will give you access to the transformational content from Freedom Through Confrontation™ and Confrontation at Work™ in person trainings as well as new content created just for this class!
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All the best content from our live experiences delivered straight to your inbox.

What workshop participants are saying:


"I have taken a number of improv, team building, mindfulness, and/or personal development classes - Andrea's is by far the best, most fun, and useful. I am taking many new ideas with me."


"I felt like an upgraded version of myself walking out of this workshop."


"Experiencing an improv workshop with Andrea was utterly transformational!! My approach to conflict navigation and challenging conversations is forever improved through what I learned from Andrea. As an entrepreneur, these are essential skills that will not only deepen my relationships with my clients but also amplify the results they receive. I cannot wait to reap the bonus results in my personal life as well. Thank you, Andrea!!"


"This class makes me feel hope for the world."


"This would have saved my marriage. I'm serious. If I had had this in time - this would have saved my marriage."


"This workshop has helped me quell the fear I had of confrontation. I feel like I have the tools now to create a productive conversation that leads to viable solution for all involved. I would recommend this workshop to my friends."


"As somebody who has worked with Improv for many years, I found the content new and fun, while also being eye opening and educational. All-in-all a wonderful experience."


"This was POWERFUL for me. I already know 5 more people I'm going to tell that they have to do this!"


"I attended the Confrontation at Work™ workshop, and felt the content was so meaningful that I hired Andrea and her team to come do it with my whole team at work."

Conflict Resolution - Corporate Workshop Participant

Probably the most helpful conflict resolution workshop I've experienced. Thank you! Perfect level of energy and flow throughout.

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