Are you ready for more HOPE and FREEDOM in your career?

Through this 3-month program, you will learn how to develop:

  • Clarity on what you want next & what serves the *highest* expression of YOU.

  • An understanding of how to use the tools, skills and resources you *already have* to create the career story you desire.

  • Soul-centered disciplines, so you can forge a path for yourself that is RIGHT, not just different from the one you're on now.

  • Expert-caliber skill in specific professional competencies that accelerate professional growth and advancement (such as self advocacy, giving and receiving difficult feedback, conflict resolution and communicating your vision, message and intention under pressure.)

  • Peace and freedom in the midst of your career story - this is possible RIGHT NOW regardless of the circumstances!

Improv-inspired coaching for confidence, clarity & commitment to the highest expression of YOU.

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Core Program Components:

Six months of skill building, group coaching and support for those looking to grow in their current role or transform their career completely.

  • The Art of Confrontation™

    You'll have access to our online class designed to help you master the skills of self-advocacy, giving and receiving feedback and having more productive dialogue in disagreement. These skills are essential for career advancement and transition.

  • Weekly Accountability & Coaching

    You'll have access to weekly group coaching calls (through Zoom) where you'll be able to ask questions related to the course content, and get specific advice related to both mindset and logistics of career advancement and transition.

  • Support & Accountability

    You'll gain access to a tribe of people navigating similar waters; who are also daring to believe that bigger things are possible! Something powerful happens when you speak your vision and your truth out loud to like-spirited people.

Any of this sound like you?

  • You feel stuck in your current job or career, and you're not sure how to get unstuck.

  • You are passionate about the work you do and want to step into a bigger role, but you're struggling with confidence.

  • You have a burning desire to move into a completely different field/career, but you're not sure how to get started.

  • Your current approach to self advocacy is not getting the results or outcomes you'd like, and you'd love to have some new strategies.

Client Testimonials:

This is a brand new program! Here's what clients have said about past &Beyond workshops and programs:


"I have taken a number of improv, team building, mindfulness, and/or personal development classes - Andrea's is by far the best, most fun, and useful. I am taking many new ideas with me."


"I felt like an upgraded version of myself walking out of this workshop."


"Experiencing an improv workshop with Andrea was utterly transformational!! My approach to conflict navigation and challenging conversations is forever improved through what I learned from Andrea. As an entrepreneur, these are essential skills that will not only deepen my relationships with my clients but also amplify the results they receive. I cannot wait to reap the bonus results in my personal life as well. Thank you, Andrea!!"


"This class makes me feel hope for the world."


"This would have saved my marriage. I'm serious. If I had had this in time - this would have saved my marriage."


"This workshop has helped me quell the fear I had of confrontation. I feel like I have the tools now to create a productive conversation that leads to viable solution for all involved. I would recommend this workshop to my friends."


"As somebody who has worked with Improv for many years, I found the content new and fun, while also being eye opening and educational. All-in-all a wonderful experience."


"This was POWERFUL for me. I already know 5 more people I'm going to tell that they have to do this!"


"I attended the Confrontation at Work™ workshop, and felt the content was so meaningful that I hired Andrea and her team to come do it with my whole team at work."

Conflict Resolution - Corporate Workshop Participant

Probably the most helpful conflict resolution workshop I've experienced. Thank you! Perfect level of energy and flow throughout.


The career path you're hoping for is well within your reach. You've got everything you need inside of you to get where you want to be.

In this program, you'll learn the process I used to go from being an overwhelmed social worker, to a broke improviser, to a thriving entrepreneur harnessing what was meaningful to me about *both* fields. Now I support my family doing work I love and believe in! That is 100% possible for you too - regardless of what career advancement means to you. Maybe venturing out as an entrepreneur, maybe finding a different job, or maybe completely re-inventing your career! Whatever your intuition is nudging you toward, believe that life has more for you than misery or mediocrity. Good things are in store, and I'd love to be on your journey with you!
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