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  • Schell Games
  • Rivers Club
  • Innovation Works
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Improv is a fantastic way to bring people together, build leadership skills, foster a culture of trust and jumpstart organic collaboration. &Beyond™ offers a variety of turn-key workshop experiences for skill building and group dynamic enhancement. Some workshops also offer Continuing Education Units for various professional licensures!
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Want an &Beyond™ Experience in Your Office?

About Andrea

CEO of &Beyond™

Andrea Wetherald started out leading improv workshops in 2014 for a few local non profits and quickly realized the vast opportunity for improv to help people connect with one another on a deeper level, and hone the skills that help them create more peace, freedom and abundance in their lives. Her business has since grown to include a vast array of corporate offerings, individual coaching and now THIS online course! Andrea has helped hundreds of people connect with improv in a deeper and more meaningful way. Her work is regularly described as "transformational," "life-changing" and even "magical!" Her background is in Social Work, having earned a BSW from Bluffton University and spending the initial part of her career as a behavior change coach on research study. She found improv in 2013, and was immediately drawn to the broadly applicable skills of listening carefully, taking risks, responding with authenticity and actively choosing curiosity over judgement. She began taking classes shortly after seeing her first live show, and has been improvising ever since. She currently performs on two house teams at the Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh.
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About Andrea